5.0.16 and another teaser for Version 6

Last week Exasol sent out a newsletter teasing Version 6 for release in October. Exciting times!

As a precursor, there’s also been a release as version 5.0.16.

Some key notes were that the JDBC driver now requires at least Java 1.5, with Java 1.4 no longer compatible.

The release of 5.0.16 covers quite a few bugs, but also the addition of functionality for Import and Export to Amazon S3 buckets, which is a good addition.

Bug Wrong results in some combinations of equi and cross join
Bug Avoid unnecessary overhead in commit when a table is created and dropped within the same transaction
Bug UNION ALL queries may produce wrong results in some special cases
Bug Possible IMPORT failure when using ERRORS INTO clause
Bug SqlProcess terminates with SIGSEGV in cases of many expressions in select list
Bug AWS node names during boot (Stage 2-3) are wrong (n267,n268,n269)
Bug AWS cannot reboot or shut down nodes through EXAoperation
Bug EXAoperation possibly shows wrong database connection strings in Amazon AWS™ clusters
Bug Undetected node malfunction in case of only partially responsive nodes when using remote syslog servers
Bug Unusually high process-load
Bug Unexpected data exception by using GROUP_CONCAT in the HAVING clause
Bug Network reconfiguration via maintenance user may lead to misleading error message
Bug Reduced usability and transaction throughput in the case when client aborts occur during big commit
Bug ODBC: values may be truncated, when retrieving DECIMAL values as SQL_C_WCHAR
Bug Running query profiling causes reduced resource values in last day profiling views
New Feature Import/Export from/to Amazon S3™ buckets
Improvement EXAoperation: Replacing HTTPS certificates for clusters installed before version 5.0.7
Improvement EXADataProcessingExtension for VS 2013
Bug An unlikely race condition can deadlock EXASolution and EXAoperation
Bug Doubled audit entry through reconnects caused by networking issues
Bug Unexpected NULL values in RESOURCES column of auditing and SQL statistics
Improvement Improved errors messages for failed parallel connections

For more information on 5.0.16, or to download the update, take a look here on Exasol’s site.