HOW TO: Find out which features are covered by your Exasol licence?

Following on from the last post about how to build an Exasol equivalent of a Recursive CTE using Graph Search, you probably need to know if you have that feature available to you.

To do this, you’ll need access to ExaOperation.

In ExaOperation, head over to Configuration>Software>Licence.


Here I’ve commented out the General licence info, for obvious reasons. Down the bottom, under Extra Database Features, you can see the Graph search option. Here it says ‘Unlimited’, but also valid is a date. ‘not available’ means that you do not have that functionality as part of your licence. To get features added to your licence, contact your Account Manager.

Changes to the Exasol licensing model from Version 6

Before we get started, I do not work for Exasol and I’m not privy to any “insider” knowledge, so obviously this information might change going forward, and I’d seek a discussion with your Exasol account manager, if you’d like to know more.

At exaxp16, Dr Jens Graupmann, discussed the forthcoming changes to Exasol in Version 6. Along with this was the discussion about 2 new pricing models.

My understanding, is that from Version 6, there will be 2 pricing models; Standard and Advanced


Standard edition will contain enough features to perform Basic Reporting and BI. There will still be the super fast DWH and accelerated BI components. This would be perfect for real-time self serve BI.


The Advanced edition will contain In-Database Analytics (R, Python, Java), meeting the needs of complex integration. It will also meet non-relational database demands by interfacing with Hadoop. Advanced will, of course, encompass the Standard edition.