HOW TO: Inserting data into EXASOL (Part 1)

There are quite a few options to get data into EXASOL. The three main ones being, inserting directly via Exaplus, Importing from a text file and Importing from an existing database external to EXASOL.

EXASOL comes with drivers to connect to most existing databases, for example, there are pre-configured JBDC, ODBC and .NET, with the ability via EXAoperation to extend that.

To start with I’m going to look at how to insert data into EXASOL via EXAplus. If you haven’t already please go back and look at How to Create a table. Assuming you’ve got a table in place, let’s get started.

Syntax 1) INSERT INTO tablename (cols) VALUES (vals);


Syntax 2) INSERT INTO tablename VALUES (vals);insert2

Syntax 3) INSERT INTO tablename SELECT vals;insert3

If you know of any more please let me know and I’ll tag them in. Next up, I’ll be covering inserting data into EXASOL from a text file or CSV.