HOW TO: Creating an ODBC connection string for Exasol

A prerequisite to creating an ODBC connection, is to have the Exasol Driver installed on the machine; where the connection will originate from. You can get the current (5.0.14) Driver from Exasol here

The ODBC connection string has 5 parts:

  • Driver
  • UserName
  • Password
  • ExaHost
  • Database

The 2 notable parts are the driver and ExaHost. You check the appropriate name for the Driver, by going to x64 ODBC Data sources Adminstrator >  Drivers, and then looking at the name given to EXAODBC.DLL

The EXAHost is the node IP connection string, for example Using a node connection string in this manner requires the nodes to be on consecutive IP addresses.

Driver={EXASolution Driver};uid=USERNAME; pwd=PASSWORD; EXAHOST=; database=DATABASENAME;