Changes are afoot at Exasol

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A notification popped up on my LinkedIn today… a letter from the CEO. Obviously not to me, but it seems to the community in general.

Aaron Auld, Exasol’s CEO, shares with us some of the changes to come with Exasol. Aaron discusses how the customer and community is coming to the forefront of the coming changes within Exasol, with customer feedback being incorporated and new content coming for the community.

It’s hard not to notice they’ve had a bit of a website revamp (looking good, good-looking!), I can’t wait for the Jira backend to get the same treatment!





I’ve been having a bit of rainy day fun over at Atheon HQ! Not to be contented with winning Exasol’s Smartest Solution award for our “Exasol in my pocket” device, I’m going one bigger, or smaller?!

The plan is to build a “small” solution to be our development environment. With virtual platforms providing a basic implementation for just over £1000 per month, my aim is to build something (of a similar spec) for a flat cost of one months’ live virtual implementation cost.

Today I’ve mainly been wrestling with getting my own PC to produce a boot disk (of all things!). With that hurdle dealt with, the licence node is now up and running, with “just” the data nodes to add (two of which are still en route from China!).

I’ll give you the run down of how to build your own low-cost Exa environment in coming posts – when mine is up!



Exasol Xperience 2016


Tomorrow sees the start of Exasol’s Xperience 2016 event. It’s looking set to be a great event, with speakers coming from across the Big Data arena, including Andy Done, the Technical Director at King, Karsten Manski from Zalando, and Atheon’s very own Guy Cuthbert.

The event is to be split into two days, with the first being split into two breakout sessions, with one covering Advanced in database analytics, and the other Exasol in the Cloud, plus Hadoop integration.

The second day, sees sessions from some of the leaders in big data, discussing how they are overcoming data problems with Exasol, and also what promises to be an interesting look at data and beyond with Dr Hannah Fry, of University College London, for the key note speech.

I’ll be present for both days, so it will be great to catch up with any of you who have been visiting the site.






Exasol training

This week I have been at Exasol’s headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany, getting trained up on behalf of my company Atheon Analytics.

I spent two days, covering topics on Performance and Exasol’s Powerlytics (including scripting and UDFs in Python, R and Java).

It was great meeting the team behind the product, and they’re a great bunch! Danke to them for their hospitality, and showing me the city!

I’ve already made some performance based improvements to my code base, reducing execution time by a factor of 7! Great stuff!

Once I can document some examples, I’ll get some posts up about what I’m now looking out for in my Exasol queries to tune for performance.



HOW TO: Comment and uncomment shortcuts in EXASOL

To comment in Exasol there are a couple of options. There are the manual options of — and /* */.

There a couple of shortcuts also:

To single line comment, click on or select the line in question and then type CTRL+SHIFT+MINUS

To multi line or block comment, select the block and then type CTRL+SHIFT+B.

To uncomment from a single line comment, highlight or click on the line in question and then again type CTRL+SHIFT+MINUS

To uncomment from a multi line or block comment, again , select the block and then type CTRL+SHIFT+B.

Happy Coding!