I’ve been having a bit of rainy day fun over at Atheon HQ! Not to be contented with winning Exasol’s Smartest Solution award for our “Exasol in my pocket” device, I’m going one bigger, or smaller?!

The plan is to build a “small” solution to be our development environment. With virtual platforms providing a basic implementation for just over £1000 per month, my aim is to build something (of a similar spec) for a flat cost of one months’ live virtual implementation cost.

Today I’ve mainly been wrestling with getting my own PC to produce a boot disk (of all things!). With that hurdle dealt with, the licence node is now up and running, with “just” the data nodes to add (two of which are still en route from China!).

I’ll give you the run down of how to build your own low-cost Exa environment in coming posts – when mine is up!


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