HOW TO: Create a table in EXASOL

Using EXAplus,  select the New connection icon as shown below, or alternatively go to EXAplus in the ribbon, then select Connect from the list.


Next up, select Templates from the left hand menus. This then provides you with most basic scripts to get started. We’re going to select CREATE TABLE(…)


This then populates the SQL Editor window with some preconfigured SQL.

In this case, EXAplus has added the template to the end of some code I already had.

OPEN SCHEMA x; is the SQL Server equivalent of a USE statement.

EXASOL has the nifty conception of CREATE or REPLACE, kind of like an IF EXISTS DROP CREATE, in one word.

Right now, we’re going to create a table, in the schema schema_test, called tbl_Clients. Each client will have an ID and Name.

Here’s the code snippet:

open schema schema_test;

ID int identity primary key
, Name nvarchar(50)

Then click the Execute All Play button.

Here’s what it looks like in EXAplus.



The new table is now visible in the Table list in the Database Browser, as is the execution history, to the bottom of the screen.

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